Ronik looking up at a plant.

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I am a 0th year PhD student at the University of Chicago. I work in the SAND Lab where I’m fortunate to be co-advised by Prof. Heather Zheng and Prof. Ben Y. Zhao. I am no longer in the terrifying process of applying to CS PhD programs.

I’m broadly interested in security and privacy with a recent focus on adversarial machine learning. If you’re a digital artist, or you’re interested in generative AI, I recommend checking out Glaze. I’m proud to work on this project and hopefully similar ones in the future.

While I am relatively new to research, I have made some observations. Computer security research exists in a delicate ethical space. Every discovered vulnerability is an opportunity for attack, but it is also a potential warning. Every defense offers protection to some group, but it also risks unintended side effects and consequences for future technology. As I continue my academic journey, I hope to learn how to meaningfully consider the implications of my work, regardless of the field I research.

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