Research Projects


LLM Testbed

Independent Projects With Websites

Optimal Bread Slicing

A Linear Transformation Visualizer

A Text Generator Using Markov Chains

The Archives Project

A Recreation of Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe A game of ultimate tic tac toe.

A Full Stack Chat App with User Authentication

Independent Projects Without Websites

I Made My Own Programming Language

A Personal Database for Literature

Inventing a Game, Then Building a Bot to Play It Perfectly

Some Pretty GIFs Made With Differential Equations The Aizawa Attractor.

Hiding Secret Messages in Images A pretty color gradient.

A Discord Bot Named Igor

"Hacking" Obsidian and Making it a Markdown Editor

A Discord Scraper That Definitely Doesn't Violate Terms of Service

A Chrome Extension for the Pomodoro Technique