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Botting your Discord account violates their Terms of Service. I do not use this scraper, nor will I, and I recommend you never use it either. This is solely for educational purposes.

Theoretical Use Cases

Hypothetically speaking, wouldn’t it be cool to go through your server’s chat history, run the text through a Markov Chain generator, and spit out some nonsense for you all to laugh at? Just a thought. It would be tedious, copying every message by hand, but it’s definitely doable, so that’s how you should do it. By hand.

Getting your Access Token

Now, having access to the Discord API requires an Access Token, and no one would know how to get their access token. I mean, who is going to open Discord in Chrome, open the inspector, switch to mobile/tablet display, go to the Application tab, find the sidebar section labeled Storage, select from the Local Storage dropdown, search token, and copy the value from the Key-Value pair? That’s a ridiculous number of hoops to jump through, and I can’t imagine anyone figuring that out on their own.

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