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This project was pivotal to my journey as a maker. I discuss it in my about page.


Currently, the discord bot is being hosted on Heroku, which has been working really well so far. You get 550 free dyno hours per month without providing any payment information, which is plenty for a single project you can just have running during the day.


Hangman πŸ”€

Igor can play one game, and that is Hangman. Here are the commands you can use to play:

  • hangman or play hangman
  • guess _ (ex. /guess a)
  • quit or quit game

Astronomy πŸ”­

Igor seems to have become interested in astronomy. Here are a few things Igor knows:

  • iss, location of iss, locate iss, etc.
  • moon phase, phase of moon, etc.
  • picture of the day, astro pic, photo of the day, etc.

Dictionary πŸ“š

In an effort to expand the server’s vocabulary, Igor has access to some dictionaries:

  • define _____ for
  • udefine _____ for urban dictionary

Chat πŸ’¬

Igor doesn’t know how to say much. That’s it, no caveat.

  • just @ mention Igor in your message and maybe you’ll get a response

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